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Bio of Sue Klejeski

July 8, 2009

Sue Klejeski and her husband were searching for a better method of passing on the Faith when they stumbled onto the newly-formed Family Formation program at the Church of Saint Paul. In the 17 years since then, she’s been surprised to see how God wants to use her, she’s wondered why she wasted the first decades of her life as a wishy-washy Catholic, she’s learned tons of Catholic trivia, and she’s learned that none of it is trivial in God’s amazing, intricate plan.

Sue has presented Family Formation to parishes and professional conferences, does a little bit of everything with her parish program, and loves to help parents more effectively teach their own children. She knows from first-hand experience in teaching her own five children that Family Formation works.

Bio of Matthew Brounstein

July 8, 2009

Before this blog really starts to take off, I suppose it would be a good idea to tell you about myself.  This bio is taken from a brochure when Family Formation was at the diocese of Peoria IL annual gathering.

Matthew Brounstein is currently the Director of  Children’s Religious Education at the Church of Saint Paul in Ham Lake, Minnesota.  He is an experienced theologian, having taught at the high school, college, and parish levels.  His teaching is backed by a strong orthodox education with Master’s degrees in both Theology and Philosophy from Franciscan University.  A convert to the Catholic Faith, Matthew has experienced first hand the real crisis of passing on accurate teaching, general knowledge, and actual practice of the Faith in the Catholic Church of the United States.  He is firmly convinced that Family Formation is and has been an effective solution to these endemic problems of the past 40 years.


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