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April’s Memory Verses

April 6, 2014

memory verseBy now you certainly know the drill, but I just wanted to post a quick reminder that you can find April’s memory verses set to music by clicking the “Memory Verses” link on the sidebar (right side, under the “Pages” list).


March Memory Verses

March 4, 2014

memory verseJust a reminder that you can find March’s memory verses set to music by clicking the “Memory Verses” link on the sidebar (right side, under the “Pages” list).

February’s Memory Verses

February 4, 2014

memory verseYou can find February’s memory verses set to music by clicking the “Memory Verses” link on the sidebar (right side, under the “Pages” list).


January Memory Verses

January 7, 2014

memory verseJust a reminder that you can find January’s memory verses set to music by clicking the “Memory Verses” link on the sidebar (right side, under the “Pages” list).  Couldn’t be easier!

December’s Memory Verses

December 8, 2013

memory verse

Here’s your monthly reminder to find this month’s memory verses set to music by clicking the “Memory Verses” link on the sidebar (right side, under the “Pages” list).  It’s a simple download that you can access from any computer.


Yet another great idea from Anne

November 15, 2013

This one has all sorts of fun possibilities!

minute to win it

Our evaluations last spring had the request that we do activities where the people get to know other people at the sessions. Another request was that we cover a little bit on the Mass each month since the Mass is central to our faith.

I took those two requests and combined them into one activity. Each month we now begin with “A Minute to Win It“. Everyone gets a partner (not a family member and someone they have not partnered with on previous months). They learn each other’s name.

Then we do some activity for one minute — first one partner and then the other. The activity is then connected to a part of the Mass and that part of the Mass is explained. The Minute to Win It activity is then repeated.

A couple of the Minute to Win It activities we have done: 

  • How many drops of water can you get on a penny without the water running off (the priest pouring a small amount of water into the wine)
  • Sucking up on a straw, how many bean could they move from a plate to a sheet of paper with the outline of a “3″. (What does the priest do with his mouth 3 times at Mass? kiss the altar (twice) and kiss the Book of the Gospels)

Minute to Win It has become a fun way to meet other people and to learn about the Mass.

NOTE: If you’d like a little more Minute to Win It inspiration, just google “Minute to Win It games” for lots of great ideas.

November’s Memory Verses

November 5, 2013

memory verseJust a reminder that you can find November’s memory verses set to music by clicking the “Memory Verses” link on the sidebar (right side, under the “Pages” list).


Dear Technology

October 9, 2013

Dear Technology,

Some days we love you and on others we’re fairly certain you are the “vale of tears” mentioned at the end of the Rosary!  For the past couple weeks, we’ve been trying different methods for efficiently sharing the Extravaganza photo booth photos, with very little success.  Today however, you seem to want to be friends and we have finally been able to reach a happy place where photos are visible AND available for download in a reasonably high resolution.

I appreciate your cooperative spirit and hope we can continue to work together in the future.


Sue Klejeski


  1. You can finally access the photos by clicking on the sidebar link for “Family Formation Extravaganza Photos” under the PAGES section.
  2. Once you find your photo(s), simply click on each and then right click and save the ones you want.
  3. From there, I suggest you crop out some of the excess background and print copies for everyone on your Christmas card list.J
  4. One more note – These are only going to be available for a limited amount of time (maybe through the end of the year) because they are large files that are using a lot of our virtual space.  Get ‘em while you can!


Musical Memories

October 7, 2013

It’s a well established fact that music helps kids to make connections which makes learning easier and more effective.  Family Formation takes advantage of this in all sorts of ways* but the most ongoing one is our monthly memory verses.  In the past, we’ve distributed cassettes and then CD’s to families and now we’re nudging just one more step into the current century by posting all the verses in MP3.  I’ll post a reminder each month, but you’ll always be able to find them on the sidebar link, clearly labeled.

memory verse

Once you click on the link, just find the one you want, click on it and hit the download button.  Couldn’t be easier!


*We’ve had kids as young as preschool age memorize all the books of the Bible!

The Easter Cave

February 11, 2013

You can find instructions for building your own Easter Cave in this month’s Lenten Activity Packet, but I wanted to add a tip or two that you won’t find in the instructions.

First of all, this is a fantastic vehicle for imaginative play for all ages!  Older kids will enjoy helping with the construction and with using small scraps of felt, ribbon, yarn, etc. to create the characters.  They can begin by reading Gospel accounts of Holy Week and making a list of the principle characters.  Younger children will have hours of fun retelling the stories in their own words as they move the characters around the set.

I would recommend that you start with a plastic bin and cut your plywood base to fit comfortably inside.  Since you’ll only get it out during Lent, and perhaps Christmas (if you want to make Nativity characters), you’ll need a convenient place to store the set the other 10 or so months of the year.

Be sure to leave plenty of time to complete the project.  It will be most sturdy if you coat the chicken wire with several layers of  papier-mâché (with some drying time between each) and then it will need ample time to dry completely before you paint it.


We’ve had this model in the Family Formation office for quite a few years and for several of those it was out where many children played with it.  It’s a sturdy toy that, if made with care, could be passed along to your grandchildren someday!


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