More About Abraham (for older saints)

Abraham lived an amazing, adventure-filled life, but the attribute we still admire today is his remarkable example of faith! Abraham trusted God so completely that he was able to clearly hear what God wanted and he was willing to do it.  (CCC 145-146, 2570)  The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that every nation of the earth has been blessed by Abraham’s faith, specifically because it prepared the Jewish people for the coming Christ Himself!   (CCC 706)

While it seems normal to us to believe in only one God, that was a strange belief back in Abraham’s day when most people believed there were many gods who ruled different aspects of their lives. Today, there are three major religions which view Abraham as their father in faith: Muslims (who descend from Abraham’s son, Ishmael Genesis 16:15), Jews (the chosen people God descended from Abraham’s son, Isaac) and Christians (followers of Christ and all His teachings, CCC 1289). All three believe in “the one, true, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.” (CCC 841)

From its very beginning, Christ gave the Church the gift of unity. While that oneness has been damaged in many ways over the centuries, the Holy Spirit will guard it from ever being fully lost and we must always pray and look for ways to help restore it. The Church looks forward to the day when the beliefs, like monotheism, that unite those from different faith traditions will restore us to the unity Christ intended for all people.  (CCC 820)

(from the Greek words mono: one, and theos: god)

The belief that there is one God ruling over all of creation.

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