Family Formation in the News

“We can do all the work— tremendous amounts of work, hours and hours of work— but if it doesn’t seem to be important in the family life, the children don’t really absorb it.  It’s not going to have an effect on their life.”  -Father Jay Buhman, pastor of St. Peter’s in Bellwood, NE

It was that belief which led Fr. Buhman to start searching for a better way to pass on the Faith to his parishioners.  When a family friend mentioned hearing about a program in which the parents were the primary educators in the Faith, he knew it was time to start investigating it further.

“We’ve heard a lot of positives,” Father Buhman said. “We have heard from parents that they are learning right along with their children. That’s what we’re looking for.”

You can read more about how Family Formation is transforming his parish in this article published in the Southern Nebraska Register, from the diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.

I would also like to highlight the bit at the end for those of you who are interested in learning more about Family Formation:

Father Buhman recommends the program to parishes of all sizes. For any pastor, CCD instructor, parish council member or parent who is interested in learning more about Family Formation, there will be a day-long informational conference Thursday, May 22 at the Pro-Sanctity Retreat Center in Elkhorn, [Nebraska]. Contact Mary Harper at for details. Information is also available at

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