In case your past few weeks have been crazy-busy and you haven’t gotten around to doing the Pentecost Home Lesson yet, this would be the perfect time to do it!


Pentecost is the end of our 50-day celebration of Easter and the fulfillment of Christ’s promise to send us an Advocate to be with us forever.  On a most basic level, you’ll want to be sure your family is familiar with the story from the book of Acts.  It’s filled with drama and you’ll hear about the Holy Spirit turning a confused and uncertain group of Christians into bold witnesses for the Faith!

Pentecost is also know as the birth of the Church and any birthday images and traditions you want to bring into this lesson are very appropriate.  It’s also a great time to celebrate with another family – they can help you eat all the cupcakes as you do the activity on pages 9 -11 in the lesson.

If you’d like to carry out the fun even a little further, there are lots of “punny” things you can do with your meal plan.  There are a few suggestions below to get you started.

pentecost pics

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