Lesson Notes: Vessels and Vestments


This week, we’re going to learn about all the stuff that goes with the Mass.  Special clothes, furniture, dishes, a special place – all serve to set apart this most holy celebration and send a message to pay attention because something different is going on here!  All of these things have a particular design and history and purpose and that is what this lesson is all about.  Also, these things tend to be beautiful because we want to give glory to God.  Only our best gifts are even close to good enough!


The activity is contained on all those over-sized card stock sheets that came with the lesson, namely, the 3-D Holy Mass Set.  If you only have younger kids, there will be a fair amount of preparation for you to do before lesson time, but I promise it’s worth it!  Even though assembling this activity is too difficult for any but the most precise cutters and folders, it really is great for your very young students to manipulate the pieces as you teach and (added bonus) it is the same scale as your priest paper doll.

Famed educational innovator Maria Montessori is often quoted as saying  “Play is the work of a child.”  This principle is so evident as you see your kids learning more about the Mass as they “play Mass” with these pieces.  As I was assembling the altar for our October bulletin board, a parent came into the office and commented, “I’m so glad this is coming around again!  Our set from 3 years ago was so worn out that I finally just threw it away.”  And you just may find something like this.

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