Leading with Beauty

Art for December Prayer Tables

This month’s topic is another new Classroom Lesson, this time on Baptism and Confirmation and the profound connections between the two.  For this month’s piece of recommended prayer table art, I’m going with this work by Pietro Longhi entitled The Baptism.  Baptism is the foundation of the Christian life and is a sacrament that all of your students will have experienced.

It’s very easy to be drawn into this happy scene!  Almost all eyes are focused on the beautiful drama being enacted near the center as the infant is beginning her life in Christ.  The woman on the right, behind the pillar, doesn’t seem to be part of the family, but she can’t resist witnessing this wonderful event and the acolyte in the front is looking out at all of us, inviting us to join in as well!

Church of Saint Paul catechists, if you want to use my prayer table art suggestions as a teaching piece during your classroom prayer time, I’ll be glad to print a copy for you IF you email me ahead of time with the request.

If you want a reminder of what this Leading with Beauty thing is all about, click over here for an explanation.

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