Lesson Notes: Isaiah the Prophet

IsaiahWe hear a lot from Isaiah during Advent and it’s a fantastic reminder that sending a Messiah wasn’t a spur of the moment decision on God’s part.  A major theme of the Old Testament is God setting thousands of details in place to prepare for the possibility of our salvation.

Really, Advent is always a little reenactment of that time of waiting.  On this side of things (knowing Jesus) it’s easy to forget what it must have been like to be waiting for generations and generations for the promises to be fulfilled.  The point of this lesson is to give a sense of all that and to point out some of those Old Testament/New Testament connections.

To do that, we have a matching game.  Cut apart the “Prophecy” cards and the “Fulfillment” cards, mix them up a bit, and have fun matching them.  There is one page specifically marked “for younger saints,” so start with those.  If you would like to add a little challenge to the game element of it all, turn them all over and play Concentration as you match.

The other activity in this packet has to do with an activity you’ll find throughout Isaiah’s works; praising God.  Always appropriate, but maybe especially so as we’re awaiting His coming at Christmas.  Work together as a family and think of one word or phrase to describe God that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

Answers and hints for both activities are available on page 3 of the lesson.

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