Lesson Notes: The Call of Samuel


This week’s lesson is about Samuel, someone who was very good at the skills of listening and obeying.  Start this lesson by reviewing part of his story and, just for fun, add some dramatic flair.  We’ve included a four-part script (Narrator, Samuel, Eli, and God) and suggest you use costumes, dramatic gestures, and your best “God voice” to make this a memorable story!

From there, move on to others who heard, and responded to, God’s call to them.  This brief section starts with a few other Old Testament stories, then moves on to the New Testament, and ends with some examples your kids will be familiar with from today.  As you’re reading this lesson ahead of time, take a few moments to consider some other personal examples to illustrate that we (you) hear and obey every single day!

The activities for this lesson focus on listening to God (aka: prayer) and translating what you hear into action.  The first one (page 4) is a simple prayer card reminding us of a really great way to start any prayer time by simply saying, “Speak, Lord.  I’m listening,”  and the second one gives some concrete ideas of just what it may sound like to hear God speaking to you.

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