Lesson Notes: God’s Covenant With Noah


I always think it’s so interesting to learn more about Salvation history because it’s such a great picture of how great God is and how much He loves us!  This month, we’re going to study some Old Testament giants: Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  All are known for their heroic trust in God in the midst of some extraordinarily crazy circumstances!

Noah and his family were the only ones on earth who loved God and He had some dramatic plans for them!  The bulk of this lesson involves reviewing this story from the lesson, or from any children’s Bible or storybook you may have.  (This Catholic Picture Bible is a solid choice and this version of Noah’s story is one of my family’s favorites.)  And just a word of warning, if you plan to read directly from your grown-up Bible, you may want to pre-read to eliminate any of those Old Testament surprises that tend to sneak up on us.

If the weather is nice enough, I highly recommend your family go outside and get a hand’s on picture of just how gigantic the Ark was.  The Bible gives us measurements that are fairly easy to duplicate in modern terms so with two markers/family members and a tape measure, you can measure 450 feet and see that this was one really, really big boat!

The other activities are based on becoming more familiar with Scriptures – particularly some of God’s promises.  The story of Noah ends with a very famous promise, but there are many more.  Some of them are printed in the activity part of this lesson; simply cut them out and store them in the treasure chest you’ll assemble.  Put it on your prayer table and just encourage your children to periodically pick one out and read it.  The inevitable result of that is that you will find some favorites.  Those are the ones you’ll want to post in your home or memorize!

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