Lesson Notes: Ash Wednesday and Lenten Activities

There are eight activity choices in the packet – something for everyone, certainly!  It’s not our intention that you should do them all, but we hope you’ll page through and find one or two that are just right for your family and will enhance your preparation for Easter.

One thing that may be appropriate for everyone is the simple act of taking a few minutes to come up with a Lenten plan.  Lent is basically 6 weeks long and it’s easy for adults to forget how very, very long that period of time is for a child.  (I think that’s why Lenten calendars are so popular, as they encourage us to “check off” each day or week as it passes.)   Writing down your plan, as suggested on the first 2 pages of the packet, makes it easy to pull that commitment out periodically throughout Lent to help re-energize us and renew our efforts.  Help each of your children come up with a doable plan, and encourage them to write it down.  Then, tuck those papers away for a couple weeks and see how you’re doing at the end of the month.

lent plan

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