Lesson Notes: Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy Week is arguably the most important time in the entire liturgical year.  Each of the principal days has it’s own unique character and the activities in this lesson will help your family understand and celebrate them more fully.

To begin with, let’s start with the big picture.  For your younger kids, the My Holy Week Story Wheel is a simple, hand’s-on activity that tells the events of Holy Week in pictures.  After you’ve gone over it with them a couple times, they’ll easily be able to tell the story on their own.  For your older kids, “tell” the big picture by coming up with your plan for the week.  Are you going to church extra days?  (Thursday, Friday, Easter Vigil)  Are you going to confession this week?  Are you celebrating a Seder Meal for dinner sometime this week?  What are your other family traditions?  (Preparing special foods for Friday or Sunday, stations of the cross at 3 p.m. on Friday, reading each day’s events from a Bible or Bible storybook, etc.)  Get your entire family on board by making the plan clear up front.

This week’s lesson has explanations for each of the days and is, therefore, a little more extensive than an Activity Packet, but my typical advice still stands:

  1. Read through ahead of time to see which activities are going to make your Holy Week better than ever.
  2. Come up with a plan
  3. and make sure everyone is on your team this week to help make it happen!

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