Lesson Notes: Easter Activity Packet

Easter Activities

I’m posting these lesson notes early because I hope you’ll spend Holy Week actually doing some of this stuff, so this is your official reminder to go to the craft store or the grocery store to get what you need to make these activities happen.   Planning is the key here!

As you page through this month’s Holy Week and Easter lessons, you’ll notice lots of fun activities to decorate your house or feed your guests, but we challenge you to look at the same pages as suggestions for evangelization.

If you’re planning to spend Easter with family or friends, be sure to do all you can to keep the focus on the true meaning of Easter.  For example, your kids can use the information on pages 1-3 to make the banner or decorations for your (or Grandma’s) Easter table.  Relatives who may never be interested in hearing about your faith, might gladly listen to your children describe the details of their artwork.

Are you giving Easter baskets or having an Easter egg hunt?  You can also use these symbols or the ideas on page 9 to make these traditions about more than candy and eggs.

And most important – even the least committed Catholics are willing to attend Mass on Easter Sunday.  Be sure to invite someone to go to Mass with you.  This is a great time to be a bold witness for Christ!


  1. I am a new subscriber and I think your stuff is great. But can you help me find the downloadable items, like the lesson packet and printables. Thanks!

    • Hi Marlene and thanks for your interest. This blog is a support tool for those who use Family Formation religious education materials and those are the packets to which I refer. You can find out more about Family Formation at http://www.familyformation.net

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