Lesson Notes: Marian Aparitions


From time to time, Jesus sends His mother to appear to someone and give them messages about how to live in holiness in their particular time and place.  These appearances are know as Marian apparitions and the Church always investigates them very carefully so people aren’t led astray.  Over the centuries, there have been a number of apparitions that have the Vatican’s Seal of Authenticity approval and we’re learning about some of them in this lesson.

The Travel Guidebook will lead you through a brief study in three steps so your family can become more familiar with them.

  1. Find the apparition site on your map and color it.  This activity is a great way to get older kids involved since they have probably already developed some map skills and are comfortable with an abstract activity like that.  If you have a globe, you can also find where you are and then point out where the apparition took place.  For younger kids, just saying it happened on “the other side of the world” may be enough.
  2. Next, read the entry in the guidebook.  It’s a very brief description of the event told from the perspective of our three guides, Mary Isa Appearing, Ben Appearing and Will Appearing.

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