Looking for a great First Holy Communion gift?

Our friends at Give Him 5 have just what you need!

(And be sure to keep reading for the Family Formation discount code!)

Christian's Picture with prayer bag


What is the one thing YOU desire for every child in your Life?

A strong faith? A relationship with Jesus? A love for the Eucharist?

Yes, yes and YES!

We all want our kids to love Jesus and to make Him the center of their lives, but how does this happen? The Sacraments of the Church are a great place to start. Receiving First Holy Communion and attending Mass regularly will help to form the foundation of their faith. But there is more!

Forming a personal RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ and getting to know Him as a friend and confidant is what makes the faith come alive. Loving Jesus changes everything! How do we fall in love with Jesus? We talk to Jesus as we do any other friend and we spend time with Him in prayer.

Unfortunately, in the chaos of family life, making time for prayer and teaching children how to pray can be a daunting task. The Ministry of Give Him 5 makes it easy. The Give Him 5 prayer bag has everything you need to get you started!  

prayer bag picture

The five minute sand timer makes it exciting to begin and doesn’t ding or beep to disturb the prayer time. Once prayer has started it keeps right on going. Prayer cards are included with ideas for your prayer time and a Give Him 5 pocket cross is a special treasure. An introduction explaining why we want to spend time with Jesus is uniquely rolled to look like an ancient scroll.   

Give Him 5 also has a collection of free prayer time audios to get you and your kids started. These audios lead you through your five minutes of prayer and have a built in time for silence.

 Check them out for free here

Get your kids excited about Jesus! First Communion is the ideal time to introduce your child to Give Him 5 and to encourage a lifelong friendship with Jesus Christ.

Don’t forget to use the Family Formation discount code “Communion” to receive 20% off your entire purchase. Additional discounts are also available for parishes and catechists on the website. www.givehim5.net   or contact Michelle at mg@givehim5.net

Check out our Give Him 5 Facebook page for more prayer encouragement.

Here are a few of the things that people are saying about Give Him 5 ……

“What a great way to jump start prayer life! I love the whole package!” – Monica

“I love this! Thanks for introducing me to Give Him 5.” – Meg

“My kids love Give Him 5. Thank you!” –Karen

“This little prayer bag got me out of my rut. It helped me realize that spending a few, quality minutes with God is better than nothing. And it aided me in rekindling a deeper relationship with the Lord.” –Sarah

“My kids love these recordings! They’ve actually been asking to do this more than once a day during Lent. It’s such a great tool to have someone talk the kids through their first 5 sessions so they can get the hang of it, and it’s super easy for mom.” Lacy (Catholic Icing)

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