Lesson Notes: A Trip to the Cathedral

Have you visited your cathedral yet?


This lesson is the perfect follow-up to May’s Classroom Lesson on the popes and we hope doing it helps you continue to increase your family’s connection to the Universal Church.

In this case, the activity is the lesson and we hope that will lead you to an even more meaningful lesson!  A Trip to the Cathedral is the story of a family that is going to Mass at their cathedral for the first time and how the parents prepare their kids for the experience.  There are lots of good reasons for our story family to visit:

  • That connection to the Universal Church mentioned above
  • Your cathedral is probably a beautiful building, lovingly built by craftsmen with pride in their skills, pleased for the opportunity to offer glory to God.*  (At least I know that’s the case with our cathedral.)
  • Your cathedral is full of symbolism which teaches meaningful truths of the Faith.  It can be a delightful treasure hunt to find and interpret it all!

Of course, all of this holds true for your family as well so we hope that part of this lesson will be a family field trip to visit your cathedral!  (If not immediately, please make time for it this summer!)

If you’re in the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, our Visit Our Cathedral handout may be a helpful aid in planning your trip.  Either way though, your cathedral certainly has a website with lots of useful information on Mass times, tours, history, etc.  Do a little homework before your trip and make the experience even more effective.


*Prosper the work of our hands, O Lord.  Prosper the work of our hands.  (Psalm 90:17)

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