Lesson Notes: Christmas Activity Packet

gaudate Christmas Activities

Plan and prepare.  Plan and prepare.  The Christmas season is so packed with activity that it seems the only way we can hang on through the whirlwind is to plan and prepare in advance so the priorities hold onto their rightful place!

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but we’ve scheduled this packet now with all that in mind.  As always with the seasonal activity packets, take a look through in advance and choose one or two things that will enhance the celebration of the season.

Family praying before monstranceOne activity I’d recommend for everyone is on page 1 – spending time with the Holy Child.  No matter what the age of your kids might be, a little time in the quiet of presence of Jesus is an amazing way to celebrate the season.  It’s okay to just spend 5 minutes before the tabernacle or in an adoration chapel if that’s what will work for your little kids, and you’ll find lots more notes on Adoration Etiquette in our archives.


*Bonus points awarded to those who know why the Lesson Notes icon at the top of the page is this unusual color. 🙂

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