Mass @ Home

Mass at church needs lots of help from people in the congregation.  Children can fill some of these roles now, when they are participating in Mass at their own home.

All churches have someone or a team of people to help make the church space look beautiful.  Children can color pictures of stained glass windows, bring in some twigs or rocks or purple fabric for Lent.  Pictures of the Stations of the cross or of Mary or Joseph could be also used to decorate.  If you have a crucifix or a statue of Mary or Jesus, or items from a prayer table or home altar, you could add those as well.

Younger kids can make themselves a name tag and welcome family members as they get to the room where Mass will be viewed.

Music ministry:  
Does your family have a favorite worship song? You can buy it online, or find it on YouTube or Spotify. We know a mom who made a simple song book for her kids with some traditional hymns (just the lyrics).  Begin or end your Mass with these favorites.

Get a basket and have the usher pass it around.  Later you can either mail or bring your donation(s) to church.  

Older children can read the readings and responsorial psalm instead of just watching it.  Fast forward the lector reading after your child reads, and then listen to the priest or deacon read the Gospel. You can always find the readings here. (Click on each calendar date to open the day’s readings.)

Hospitality:  Sunday is always a day of celebration! Often after Mass, there are people to serve drinks and a snack or treat. Children can serve in that role.

Sign of Peace:
Many online Masses are done with only the priest.  You can pause where the sign of peace is usually done, and do that within your family. 

Parents can give a blessing to their children at Mass by tracing a cross on their child’s forehead and say, “May almighty God bless you, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  You could do this at Communion time after you all make a spiritual communion, or at the end of the Mass after the priest gives his blessing.

Family Formation also has some resources that can help your family participate in Mass at home:

  • Other helpful tips here:
  • Prepare for the Sunday readings ahead of time with the Pauline family from Our Sabbath Scripture Book. This is the story for the upcoming 4th Sunday in Lent.
  • You can print a copy of My Holy Mass booklet for your kids here:
  • Your little ones might like this Mass Scavenger Hunt sheet to help them stay focused:

These are extraordinary times, friends! So often we hear that families don’t have time for extra devotional practices or they’re too busy to get together for family meals. All of that has changed for a while. Be bold witnesses, trust in Jesus, and ask Him to show you what gifts are waiting in the midst of this unprecedented Lent!

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