Tell us about Family Formation’s Online Component

While most religious education publishers have been scrambling to get all their content online, Family Formation is proud to proclaim our long-held belief that passing on the Faith must mean growing in relationship and that just doesn’t happen by giving a child a workbook page or setting them in front of a screen. It’s our goal for families to have family time together: to sit together and have fun together, to pray together and to have actual conversations about the Faith. We want kids to have a life-long faith because they have seen living icons of Christ’s love through a relationship with those closest to them.

So instead of online presentations, Family Formation offers lessons read by the voice of a parent. Family Formation uses games, food, stories, audios, scavenger hunts, silly analogies, songs, and other active means to help engage the whole family. The activities with each Home Lesson were designed by parents for use in family life. They’re all different and that keeps it interesting!

This approach has taken on new importance as we are hearing from parents everywhere who are suffering from virtual burnout due to the overabundance of online obligations to school, the necessity of online communications with distant friends and family, live-streamed Masses, online entertainment, and the reliance on virtual experiences in many areas of life. And while we are grateful for the technology that makes all those things possible, they make the low-tech experiences stand out in their timeless effectiveness.

Family Formation subscribers get a weekly invitation to meaningful family time using hand’s-on materials that are proven to work!

If you would like more information on bringing Family Formation to your parish, email us to set up a time to chat about your specific situation!

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