Lesson Notes: Angels

On a typical month you’ll bring home three or four Home Lessons, but this September we just dip our toes in the Family Formation waters with a single lesson about angels.  This is a great topic this time of year for a couple reasons:  first, the feast of the Archangels is on September 29 and the feast of the Guardian Angels is on October 2.  Second, it’s a great introductory topic because almost everyone is familiar with the existence of angels, but there are so many misconceptions about them!

The basic outline of this lesson is that your family will go through the five sections and earn star points as you learn about different aspects of angels.

  • For example, the first section is the Rescued by an Angel. Here you’re going to learn a little about how angels have acted as God’s messengers throughout Bible history. In both the Old and New Testaments, angels acted as the go-betweens to help various people clearly know God’s will.
  • The second section is an Ugly Duckling to Swan theme where we learn that angels are perfectly holy and help us to get closer to that goal as well.
  • In the third section, we’ll learn more about our beloved guardian angel who is always with us!
  • Next is Defended by Angels where we learn about fallen angels and especially that God is infinitely stronger than them all and He gives us the “armor” to win all our battles against temptation and sin.
  • Last we’ll learn more about some specific characteristics of angels. People who die do NOT turn into angels. Angels are NOT little babies with wings (no matter what you may have seen in various pieces of art.) In fact, angels are pure spirit and really do not have bodies at all! Sometimes, when it serves God’s purpose, they can assume bodily form, but most of the time they are completely invisible to us. In fact, no matter where we are (alone or in a group) we are surrounded by angels! This is especially true at Mass where countless numbers of them are right there with us, worshiping Jesus!
  • When you’re done with all five, your kids have earned their award.
michelangelo angels

If this lesson does nothing more than make you aware of your own Guardian Angel and help you start to rely on him for spiritual help, it will be a success!


  • You should have one set of activity pieces per Family Formation aged child.  Specifically, this is a Star Points page and a gold sticker
  • If you have younger kids, you may want to break the sections of this lesson up into more than one session (depending on attention span). It easily divides.

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