Lesson Notes: Vessels & Vestments

When we go to Mass we see and hear and smell lots of different things.  Part of the experience is that we step out of our ordinary lives and into something sacred (i.e. holy or set apart) and this lesson helps us decode all of that.   Why is Father wearing that?  What are those pieces of furniture for?  What do the bells mean?  The broad answer is that we are incarnate – we experience things through our senses, so the Church uses all of our senses to help us better enter into the Mass.  The more detailed answers to all these questions, and more, are sprinkled throughout the lesson.

The activity is contained in the packet of oversized white pages.  You will assemble them into a model altar complete with marble floor and all the different vessels and furniture used at Mass.

A couple notes:

  • priest paper doll.jpgWe freely admit that this activity is too difficult for your littlest kids to put together on their own, but don’t let that prevent you from doing it!  Your younger kids are the most likely to play with the set over and over again, so an adult or an older sibling should put it all together for them ahead of time.  Leave it in an accessible place for as long as it lasts, and you will be encouraging lots of play that will all lead to a better familiarity with the Mass.
  • This set is a similar scale as your priest paper doll, so if he’s already assembled and ready to go you’ll have the added benefit of a celebrant!

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