Lesson Notes: The Spiritual Works of Mercy

This lesson focuses on Saint Paul, who was a model in practicing the Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Paul was a master evangelist and knew that meant showing Jesus’ love to everyone but also saying or doing whatever was necessary to keep his growing flock on the right track.

Paul teaches us that when we do works of mercy in Jesus’ name to lead others closer to Him, we too become more like Jesus!

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are:

  • Admonish the sinner
  • Instruct the ignorant
  • Counsel the doubtful
  • Comfort the sorrowful
  • Bear wrongs patiently
  • Forgive all injuries, and
  • Pray for the living and the dead

And this is definitely an instance where we need to break down the complex language into something your children can understand.  For that, we have games!

Your whole family will benefit by playing Working at Mercy, where moving around the game board and collecting mercy cards will give all sorts of practical ways kids can practice these Works. While you are talking about all these practical ideas though, we really hope you will keep Here and Now at the front of your conversation. If you’re like most of us, your normal routine has been flipped on its head. The positive side of that is the opportunity to rethink things. You almost certainly know people with spiritual and physical needs right now. How can your family show Christ’s love in these particular situations?


Additionally, your older kids will benefit from following St. Paul’s journeys by using the map of the Mediterranean region and the cards in this lesson.  As they read each verse, they should determine which of the Spiritual Works is being demonstrated, and then the card gets attached to the proper place on the map.  Map skills … Bible skills … critical thinking skills … it’s a great challenge for your older kids!

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