Lesson Notes: The Holy Family & Epiphany

  • Feast of the Holy Family – December 27
  • Epiphany – January 3

Both of these feasts fall on Sundays so even if Sunday isn’t your family’s scheduled Family Formation day, it might be a good time to make an exception and learn about each feast on the day we actually celebrate it.

The first part of this lesson is simply a look at the Holy Family and a prayer that yours would be more closely aligned with them.

Epiphany is a great day to add those last figures to your Nativity set as you learn about the event, and it’s also the traditional day to bless your home.  Whether you mark your doorways with blessed chalk or not, we suggest you take a few minutes to ask God to bless your home with peace and ask that every room would be used for the glory of God in the upcoming year!

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