Lesson Notes: The Call of Samuel

First is a great Bible story you’ll want your kids to know.  The story of Samuel is that of a kid who audibly heard God’s voice.  What could be more dramatic than that!  In our opinion, the story inspires a dramatic presentation, so we’ve provided you with a set of scripts to act it out.  The way it’s written, we have parts for a narrator, Samuel, Eli, and God.  If you don’t have reading kids in your family yet, gather together some simple costumes and props and read it through while your kids act it out.  Do you have a teen?  Maybe this is a great time to invite him/her to play God.*

In our January classrooms, we learned about God’s vocational calls and we’re going to expand on that in the Home Lessons this month with some more specific ways these calls can happen.

The Who Heard God’s Call section on pages 2 and 3 are a great chance for your kids to practice their Bible skills as they look up some of the story references, and be sure to spend some time with the last three questions as you talk about your pastor’s answer to God’s call, as well as your own and the call He makes to each of us.

And finally, God spoke audibly to Samuel, but what are some other ways He makes Himself heard?  There is a really helpful list in the Older Saints activity, which will provide a great jumping off point for family conversation.

*Cue little laugh from those of you who currently have a teen.

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