Lesson Notes: God’s Covenant with Abraham

Next up in our salvation history study is Abraham and his story is filled with drama, most of it basically proving that God is first in his life above all else, and this leads us to think about how we are succeeding or failing in that area.

This is the first full week of Lent, and and critically examining your conscience is one of the Lent-iest things you can do.  To help, we suggest you do a little preparation and then lead your family through the questions on page five.  As you go through the questions, make some notes on the altar cards, and bring them (along with your family) to the Sacrament of Reconciliation sometime soon.

Younger Saints icon

Even if your kids are too young for this sacrament, you can still help them to evaluate their choices (perhaps using a simplified version of the questions on page five) and then bring it all to Jesus in prayer.  Even very small children have a sense of right and wrong, and that is certainly a quality you want to help them develop.

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