Lesson Notes: God’s Covenant with Moses

Moses has a long, involved story – you can easily spend a week of bedtime story times learning about him (and you should!), but he’s especially known for receiving the Ten Commandments, and that’s our focus for this week.

There are multiple levels of “learning” about the Commandments (at least in my mind):

  1. We want our kids to be aware that the Commandments exist and to be aware of their divine origin.
  2. We want our kids to continually grow in their understanding of each of the Commandments.  (A lifetime endeavor, I might note.)
  3. But most of all, we want that understanding to be put into action as it transforms their lives!

And those are the goals of this lesson.

Besides telling a very brief version of Moses receiving the Commandments, the main part of this lesson is a list of the Ten with examples your kids can likely relate to.  When you’re preparing for this lesson, I suggest you do a careful reading of these examples and cross out the ones that are not relevant for your kids.  For example, if your oldest is just in kindergarten the suggestion that they “avoid telling or listening to impure jokes” may be less relevant than if you have a 4th grader.  All of these issues will need to be dealt with at some point in their upbringing, but if any particular point will cause more confusion than enlightenment, it may be best to save it for a few years when this lesson comes around again.

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