Art for November Prayer Tables

Our topic this month is the Final Coming and since there is a great deal of discussion about heaven, I’d like to recommend something like this for your November classroom prayer table.

While it’s not very likely that heaven is filled with winged babies and people floating around on clouds, having this piece on your prayer table would be a great discussion opener along with the question, “What do you think it will be like in heaven?”  (For what it’s worth, the saints pictured are Saints George, John the Baptist, Bernard, and Lawrence.)

This one is a little more intense, perhaps best reserved for older classes, and depicts an angel leading someone up out of purgatory and into the glory of heaven.

Finally, even though it wouldn’t work well on a small printed page, I can’t resist sharing these views of heaven from church ceilings:

The depth!  Can you imagine walking into a church and looking up to see these windows into heaven!

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