Lesson Notes: The Four Evangelists


The Gospels are the heart of Scripture and are the primary place where we learn about Jesus!  This week, we’re going to focus on them: the authors, audience, lessons, and character of each.  Simply read each of the four pages about the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and then quiz your saints by playing the Who’s Who in the Gospel game.

To prepare, you’ll need to cut apart the quiz cards and sort out the ones you want to use.  There are cards at two levels and a few bonus cards with information that’s not included in the text, just in case you have some experts in your “class.”  It’s also good to know that this game can be played cooperatively (everyone working together to answer) or competitively, assigning points for correct answers and naming one person or team the winner.  You know your family best, so we’ll leave this up to you.

One of the helpful things about this game is that it’s portable and could easily be played in the car as a review game.  After you have tried it once at home, just store the cards and the answer sheet in a zip-loc in your car.  The next time your family is on a car ride of more than a few minutes, pull out a few cards and see how much your captive audience remembers from the lesson.

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