Lesson Notes: Mary, the Mother of God

It’s really quite simple:

We celebrate this remarkable truth every year on January 1, the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.

This lesson is an overview of the relationship between Jesus and His mother, but also offers some little metaphysical tidbits for your more abstract thinkers to consider.  (For example, Mary was spared from the stain of Original Sin through the merits of her Son before He was even born and able to die for her.  It’s time travel at it’s finest!)

There are three activities with this lesson, each emphasizing a different facet of what we believe about the Blessed Virgin Mary:

  1. One illustrates the connection between the hearts of Mary and Jesus and how their love extends to each of us.  When we pray a Morning Offering, I join my heart with theirs in giving all I do that day to join in this perfect union.
  2. Another shows how connected their lives were and still are.  Through her cooperation with God’s plan, Mary was able to play her perfect role in God’s plan for our salvation.
  3. Finally, we have an activity that teaches more about icons: what are they, how they work, and how we can decode them for the benefit of our own prayer life.  Not only is there information, but there are questions that will guide your family through a prayer experience with the Virgin of Vladimir icon that is also included.

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