Lesson Notes: Love

Let’s go ahead and continue the progression of this month’s three lessons by topping off What Makes A Family with a lesson on Love.

In a cultural sense, the word has practically lost its meaning.  At the very least, it’s been profoundly confused, so this lesson is going to make an effort to help you reclaim it, and in true Family Formation fashion, we’re going to play a game while we learn.

You’ll need the supplies in the lesson in addition to a dice and game tokens of some sort.  Prepare by cutting out all the playing cards and have some Bibles on hand to look up verses.  It’s worth noting that we give you all the answers in the lesson for your convenience, but please, please, please help your kids look up the verses in a Bible!  Working with patient mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa) offers a perfect opportunity to get some practice in using the Bible.  And even if your kids are too young to read, seeing you look up and read the verses is just a whole different level of witness.  It’ll take longer, but the time will be well spent!

Where is Jesus in this topic?

One of my favorite meditations is the fact that God IS love.  Yes, he’s the source of love, but it’s so much more than that!  Every time we show even the tiniest act of love we’re participating in the life of God.  (I’m talking to you, devoted Catholic but, like it or not, also to hardened sinners and militant atheists and everyone in between.)   I can never get to the bottom of this thought and can never do it justice in my tiny mind.  It’s definitely on my “can’t wait to get to heaven so I can learn more” list.

God is love

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