Lesson Notes: God’s Mercy

Is it possible to talk too much about God’s mercy?  Definitely not, so this lesson presents it again, this time with fun activities to bring the topic to life!

  • First is the Trail of Mercy – an overview of the big, “must know” New Testament stories of Christ’s mercy.  In the lesson it’s presented as a one-sitting activity, but it would also work really well to present the six stories at six different times.  Perhaps this idea would work best as bedtime stories for six consecutive nights.
  • Next is Mercy Bingo.  We have bingo games sprinkled throughout the home and classroom lessons because they are always so popular!  Your advance preparation will involve cutting apart the bingo cards and the reference strips.  After you play, I recommend you store it all in a Ziploc bag and bring the game out again and again.

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