Art for April Prayer Tables

There are hundreds of great prayer table art choices for Holy Week, and if you have a nice standing Crucifix that’s probably the winner.  If you don’t though, I’d like to suggest this piece.


It’s not graphic at all (possibly best for a classroom full of first graders), but still has some great teaching points:

  • Simon of Cyrene (in white) is surrounded by Jesus’ accusers.
  • Mary is in the background, crying in the arms of the Apostle John.
  • And, of course, Jesus is in the front bowing under the weight of the cross.

The interesting part and the reason I chose this piece is that Jesus is looking out at us.  At your closing prayer time, after you learn about all the events of Holy Week, have each student look into the face of Jesus and imagine what He could be saying to them at this moment.  Reflecting on that just might be the best Lenten meditation ever!


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