Lesson Notes: Easter Activities

The directions for this lesson say to do it during Holy Week which seems a little counter-intuitive since we’re typically encouraging your family to drop everything you can and really focus on the events of the week.  BUT I need to point out that this lesson isn’t about Easter so much as preparing for it.

In my mind, Christmas and Easter are a perfect mission opportunity.  We’re often getting together with extended family and these two days (maybe along with funerals) are the only occasions where it’s still socially acceptable to talk about religion.  There are lots of people who only go to church once or twice a year. (Ever heard of C & E Catholics?) Whether it’s out of habit or guilt or simply because they’re at your house and want to be polite – God can work with that and He wants your help!  However you define “being a bold witness,” this is the time to do it!

So have your kids make place-mats that say “Jesus is Risen!”  Include some Scriptures Eggs in your Easter baskets, organize a treasure hunt activity using symbols of the Easter story, make an Easter candle to decorate your mantle, bake Easter cookies!  This lesson even has a way to sanctify your jelly beans!  Think of this lesson as your Easter Mission Project to keep Jesus in the center of the day as best you can.

And please, please, please, invite someone to go to Easter Mass with your family!

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