Lesson Notes: The Coming Together of the Church

If you like the stories in Our Sabbath Scripture Book, you’re sure to appreciate this week’s lesson on the beginnings of the Church – it’s filled with the same “pun-ny” humor and memorable images.

First of all, the timing on the lesson is perfect because we’ve just experienced Easter and finished a Home Lesson on what happened after the Resurrection; Jesus was spotted all over the place proving to hundreds of people that He rose from the dead!  This proof, along with the help of the Holy Spirit, made them bold witnesses who were able to travel all over the known world to share the great news about Christ!

This week’s lesson picks up where that one left off – just what happened to this tiny new Church and how did it grow and spread? There are two activities (well, three actually) that go with this lesson, and (not surprisingly) I recommend you do them all.


First of all, in an object lesson that rivals the Sin Cookies in the “most memorable food” category, you’ll want to spend a little time with Uncle Luigi’s pizza analogy on page 6. It’s much better if done with an exaggerated Italian accent, but either way, your family will never make another pizza again without thinking of how the Church spread. 😉  Pizza for dinner, anyone?

Next is the Church-A, Church-A, Choo Choo! analogy. If you think the more abstract concepts at the beginning of the lesson are going to be too difficult for your younger kids, you may want to start by taking the imaginary train trip through the life of a Christian.

Finally, there’s the little rhyming booklet entitled The Stones Are Alive which explains the part that each of us plays in the Church.  This is where the lesson becomes relevant!  Not only will you learn the part that each of us, in general, has in the Church, but your kids will learn that each of them personally is part of Christ’s plan for transforming the world!

If your lesson is long enough with the first two activities, this one could definitely stand alone and be done later in the week. Be sure to peek ahead to the end though (and page 7 of the Home Lesson) for directions on preparing the surprise ending.

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