Art for October Prayer Tables

Cycle A Lit Cal - Pre-colored EnglishThis month’s lesson is on the Liturgical Year, a difficult concept to convey in anything other than a calendar, but there are many, many individual pieces that make up our list of annual celebrations.  One of them is St. Therese’s feast day on October 1.

She’s the patron of lots of things, but it’s her devotion to a child-like faith that may make her a great patron for the children you know.  She liked to think of each of her little good deeds and sacrifices as a flower she was offering to Jesus and it was her goal to make a beautiful garden full of them.  Roses were her favorite flower and are still a signature of her intercession.   “It is her way of whispering to those who need a sign that she has heard and God is responding.”

I love this depiction of Saint Therese because she looks so natural.  I’m fascinated with Saints who are contemporary enough to have been photographed and this artist captures her face perfectly!  Compare the two to see what I mean.



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