Art for November Prayer Tables

This month we’re learning about Saints; who is called to be one, what it means to be one, how to become one, and there are a number of directions we could take.   In the past, I’ve recommended a picture of Saint Martin of Tours (who plays a prominent role in the lesson), and making good use of all the statues and holy cards you may have in your collection.  This time I’m going with this amazing stained glass piece.


There are some obvious lessons in this beautiful setting. It’s heaven with Jesus enthroned in the center with the Holy Spirit and God the Father above Him.  St. Joseph (with lilies) is just to his left and Mary is to His right.  Other than that, the most striking things may be the color, the variety  and just how densely packed it all is!

Heaven is never too full for more and there is a place for every person who ever has or ever will live.  (You too!)  That’s a lot of people, and we get a sense of that here.  A few of them are looking out at us, but mostly they are rightly focused on Jesus, giving Him eternal praise.

If you use this in a classroom, pass it around so all your students can see the variety.  Besides the angels, there are people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds.  With just a glance, I can see popes and peasants, young and old, people dressed in all sorts of religious habits, and others in more ordinary clothing.  Again, the emphasis is that we are all invited and there is a place for everyone.

You can find a large-file-version here.

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