Lesson Notes: Prayer

Every cycle we have a full lesson that focuses on prayer and this time ’round we’re doing an overview of lots of different ways to pray.

We start with the model for prayer: the one Jesus gave us.  But, as we read in the Catechism, “ Jesus does not give us a formula to repeat mechanically.” Through it, the Holy Spirit is actually teaching us how to pray.  Consider the various parts: we’re adoring God, we’re asking for His help, we’re repenting, and we’re showing our reliance on Him for everything.  That’s a lot packed into a few sentences!

So when we apply this to our own prayer time, it helps us to find some balance.  Broken down, prayer can typically be  in one of these categories, and ALL of them should be part of your daily prayer time:

  • Adoration: telling God “I love You!”
  • Thanksgiving: telling God, “Thank you.”
  • Repentance: telling God, “I’m sorry.”
  • Petition: asking God, “Please.”

We’re typically really good at asking, but not so great at the other parts, so it’s important for parents to model this balance during family prayer times.  With just a little practice, moving through this sequence will become second nature.

Not only does this lesson cover “how”, but the prayer tree activity covers “when” and “where”.   And don’t miss the Pauline family’s practical advice on dealing with distraction when we’re trying to pray.  We know that will be the most important part of the lesson for some of you!

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