Lesson Notes: The Feast of All Souls

This lesson is tied in with the Feast coming up soon where we think a little bit about the end of this life and all those who have gone on before us.  It’s a somber topic, but also filled with great hope because we know Jesus has conquered death and has gone ahead to prepare a place for each of us in heaven!

It’s also Catholic teaching (and Biblical teaching as well) that we can pray and sacrifice for those in purgatory so their time there will be shortened.  Being upfront about these connections between those in heaven, purgatory, and still on earth can be very comforting for kids.  We do not forget about people when they’ve died!  Those in heaven are praying for us and those in purgatory benefit by our prayers.  We are all a part of this huge family that never ends!

The activities for this lesson emphasize this prayer connection and we hope your family takes an active part in the celebration of this great feast!


All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation.

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