Lesson Notes: Christ the King

Up to this point  you may have noticed that the Mass readings lately have had a lot to do with death and persecution, but the Church places this feast on the last Sunday of the liturgical year to remind us that Jesus is King! He is stronger than death and has conquered all of that on our behalf. It’s an opportunity to celebrate before we switch gears for Advent and this lesson is to help you do something to acknowledge that celebration.

You’ll learn about the Kingship of Jesus, but also about how all the baptized have a share in that kingship.  And finally, there is an invitation here to celebrate.  By way of planning, my favorite suggestion is to simply get together with another Family Formation family for Sunday brunch (or lunch or dinner, or even afternoon snack).  Have the kids decorate paper crowns, serve a snack, and pray a decade of the Rosary or something.  It’s completely doable and would be a great way to honor Jesus!


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