Lesson Notes: A Child’s Vocation

A Child's Vocation

We talk a lot about vocations to marriage, religious life, etc., but other than thinking about it and learning for the future, a lot of it doesn’t yet have a direct application to your child’s life.  This lesson takes a different approach in that all vocations, present and future, are called to grow in holiness.  We are ALL called to become Saints, and that takes practice!  This lesson gives lots of suggestions for that ongoing “practice” and then challenges everyone in the family to intentionally practice and keep track via the My Growing in Holiness activity.

The concept is simple – pick something to work on and then look back at each day to see if you did it.  There are huge blessings to this habit!

  • It’s very doable.  You’re working on holiness in very small bites.
  • Noting your successes gives you a visible picture of how you’re doing.
  • You’re establishing lifelong patterns of behavior.
  • Looking back on each day to reconnect with God is an ancient path to holiness.
  • You become conscious of your actions throughout the day.
  • You become conscious of the need to be continually growing in virtue.

We give you one page per child, but feel free to make copies so you can all be growing together.  Perhaps it would be best, to start out, if you were all working on a single resolution together (A great way to encourage one another), but this can also work with individual resolutions.  Either way, the success of the project hinges on remembering to do it each day, so remind each other to do that end-of-the-day check.

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  1. Sue,

    I was just sharing this idea with a girlfriend and it came to me that a person could use a small pocket (or a little bigger) calendar and make simple check marks for the day each day. In so doing, one could see a few or a lot of check marks at a glance of a week/month. Just another idea I thought of and decided to share.


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