Lesson Notes: Eastern Catholic Rites

This lesson starts with some fun attention-getter questions that then lead into the meat of the lesson: just what is a rite and why are there different ones within our one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church?  You’ll learn a little history, a little geography, and a lot about the essentials that unite Catholics around the world!

If you’re in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area there are four parishes that are in communion with the Universal Catholic Church:

But how do you tell which eastern rite churches will fulfill your Sunday obligation and which will not?  The best place to start is on your own diocesan web site; they’re likely to have the parishes specially noted in some way.  You can also just do a web search and then look for clues on the parish site.  You’ll specifically want to see things like “in full communion with the Holy See” and “recognize the pope as the successor of Peter.”  Even a  picture of the Pope or a link to the Vatican’s site is a positive indication.

And why do we tell you this?  Because a family field trip (virtual or actual) to an Eastern Rite parish would be the absolute best way to solidify this lesson.  Going together will give you a shared experience of the beauty and reverence and can be a treasured family memory.  Try it!

This lesson suggests you attend an Eastern Rite liturgy somewhere in the Archdiocese, and we hope you’ll take us up on that challenge sometime soon.  Until then, we have found some online options that are easily available to you from the comfort of your own home.

Watch how Ukrainian Easter eggs are made in either of these short YouTube videos. Here and here.

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