Lesson Notes: The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

If there’s one thing in the world that we can (mostly) agree on, it surely must be that we all want to be happy.  Of course, we all have different ideas on how that should happen, but St. Thomas Aquinas gives us some wise advice on the topic:


The good news is that even if some part of us has forgotten this truth, God has deeply ingrained it in each of us, so we spend our lives searching for this true happiness!

The Beatitudes give us the blueprint and it’s worth reviewing them from time to time so we can become reacquainted.  The activity for this lesson is the My Glory Be “Attitude” Booklet which spends a little time with each beatitude, giving an explanation, a saintly example, and suggestions for us to live it out.  There’s also a place for your child to imagine him or herself practicing each of the eight with a drawing.

And since there are eight, you may want to consider spreading this lesson out over more than one sitting.

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