Lesson Notes: Evangelization

Evangelization 500

I used to think that evangelization meant the specific act of telling someone about Jesus.  And while that is obviously a piece of the pie, my definition was way too narrow.  There are countless ways to do it, based on your circumstances, your vocation, and your openness to what God places in front of you each day.

You are parents or grandparents and may have a spouse. That is where God is calling you to put forth your best efforts right now:

  • You bring your children to Mass
  • You work on some kind of family prayer time
  • You had them baptized
  • You do Family Formation lessons and other faith-based things with them

The bottom line is that evangelization is active – it’s something you DO and there are lots of activities for you to do in this lesson to help illustrate different aspects of the topic.

img_2783Building the Church: God’s Church is made up of all His people and no matter how many choose to be part of it now, there is ALWAYS room for more! Start with a bunch of popsicle sticks and write the name of every Christian you know on a stick (one per stick). Next, use the sticks to make some kind of church. Here’s the trick though: while you’re building, be sure to include plenty of blank sticks. The point is that no matter how many people are currently part of the Church, there is always room for more. In fact, it’s incomplete without them and it’s our job to invite them!

Make an Andrew List: For this activity, start with reading John 1:40. Saint Andrew was so excited to have found the Messiah, that the first thing he did was to tell the exciting news to his brother, Peter! Think about how you can follow his example and who you can tell. Then spend some time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to give you the opportunity and words to use. Just an aside, but this is a great place to keep the My Growing In Holiness activity from last month going. Simply think of someone and make your prayers for them your February or March resolution.

Go Fish: This game teaches that every act of evangelization includes four players: the person hearing the message, the person delivering the message, Jesus who is always the subject of the message, and the Holy Spirit who is the mover and inspiration behind every act of evangelization, no matter how big or small. The game plays like Go Fish with the object being to collect one of each of these four cards in a particular color.

img_7100Each One Bring One: The craft part of this activity is to create one of those zig-zag, linked sets of paper dolls (do those have a particular name?), but the idea behind it is so much deeper! Going as far back as possible in your family history (even if that just means you start with yourself), talk about the Christian influences that have influenced you today. Was it a Grandma who always brought you to Mass, or a neighbor who was so kind, or the parent who prayed with you at bedtime? Everyone has stories and sometimes it’s the most ordinary influence which has had the greatest effect. Take some time to prepare by thinking about those people and then share the stories with your kids. At some point be sure to remind your kids that you are currently passing the Faith on to them and someday (maybe someday soon) they will be passing it on to someone else. Not only is it exciting to consider, but you want to make sure they catch the vision. You’ll want to be sure to do this one!

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