Lesson Notes: Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the day we start our chosen Lenten devotions – extra things you’re doing to grow closer to Jesus, or things you’re giving up to share in His suffering – and one of the activities in this lesson focuses on planning just what these things will be.

If you have younger kids, make suggestions and help them find the balance to choose something doable and challenging.  If you have older kids, it may be time to let them choose on their own and even to keep their Lenten devotions private. This is definitely one of those times where your parental intuition is best!  Also, don’t forget about choosing a thing or two you do together as a family.  Fasting and abstinence on Fridays counts, but consider something extra such as Stations of the Cross or a family service project.  These kinds of things make great family memories and you’ll all keep each other accountable throughout the season!

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