Lesson Notes: Miracles

What is a miracle?  It starts with the unlimited power and love of God.  Of course, He is always doing amazing things – the weather changes, a baby is born, a bird can fly – all beyond human power, but still things we expect to happen.  In contrast, a miracle is something that is completely unexpected.

The Bible is full of miracles ranging from the sun moving backward to people rising from death.  Even though the substance of miracles varies widely, they all have some things in common:

  1. First, the purpose of every miracle is to increase someone’s faith (or that of many people).
  2. To do this, the miracle must be something that can be detected with our senses: A lame man is suddenly healed, 5,000 men eat a lunch made from a few loaves and fishes, etc.
  3. A miracle is something that happens outside the laws of nature so the only logical explanation is that it was caused by God.

Besides the lesson, our activity is to read about the three Eucharistic miracles.  As you go through each of them, apply the criteria above to see how they qualify and ask your kids what they would think if they witnessed something like that in person!

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