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Archdiocesan Chrism Mass

March 18, 2018

hebdaLocal friends:

  • Thursday, March 22
  • 7 p.m.
  • Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul

Clergy and laity alike are warmly invited to this year’s Archdiocesan Chrism Mass. A powerful way to prepare for the mysteries of Holy Week, the Mass is the annual celebration of the solemn blessing of the holy oils, oils which will be used throughout the coming year in local parishes, institutions, hospitals and the cathedral itself to anoint, heal, and consecrate. In addition, all priests present will publicly renew their commitment to priestly service. The Mass is a beautiful celebration of the local Church’s unity in diversity, and all are encouraged to attend.

Lesson Notes: Intercessory Prayer

March 11, 2018

Intercessory Prayer

We like to teach about prayer in the big categories: worship (praise), contrition (I’m sorry), gratitude (thank you), and supplication (please), and intercessory prayer falls in that last category.  We pray for others and we ask them to pray for us.  Sounds simple, right?  But this lesson helps us unpack it a little.

Teaching your kids to pray for others is an outstanding way to help them grow in holiness.  They learn duty, empathy, and charity, among other things.  It fights against a child’s tendency toward being self-centered and helps them grow stronger as a Christian as they realize that their prayers actually make a difference.

I remember my relationship with my kids actually taking a giant leap forward as I would ask for their prayers.  “I’m going to have a challenging day today.  Can you pray for me?” Just asking something like that implies trust.  It sends a message that they are moving into the grown-up world.  It says, “I value your prayers.”  It opens faith-based conversations.  So much good can come from this one tiny habit!

The flip side is helping your kids get in the habit of asking for prayer.  If you want them to feel comfortable asking you, you probably need to open those conversations.  Does your son have a test today?  “I’ll pray for you.”  If you get in the habit of having that kind of conversation with your Family Formation aged kids, you are going to be so happy when they get older and still bring their prayer needs to you!

The other piece of asking others to pray for you leads to a conversation on the Communion of Saints.   Mary, angels, Saints – those in heaven are always in the presence of God and are ready to bring our needs before Him, and the last part of this lesson encourages you all to develop relationships with them.

How are you doing?

March 9, 2018

Laetare Jerusalem” (“Rejoice, O Jerusalem”) is Latin from Isaiah 66:10.

Plan for Lenten Growth

This weekend is Laetare Sunday, a midpoint in Lent and a time where the Church officially lets us know that the time to celebrate is on the horizon!  We think this is a great time to pull out the My Plan For Lenten Growth sheets you filled out last month and evaluate how you’re all doing.  It’s not too late to correct your course if necessary, and it’s definitely not too late to recommit to the original plan.

Once you are finished measuring your progress, we suggest you cooperate with the spirit of the day and celebrate … just a little.  On this day priests have the option of wearing rose-colored vestments, so dress your priest paper doll appropriately and add some pink ice cream to your grocery list for Laetare Sundaes.

One of the reasons why we LOVE being Catholic is that it gives us countless reasons to celebrate the joy of belonging to Christ and we hope you’ll take advantage of Sunday’s opportunity!


*and, for what it’s worth, this Sunday/sundae pun works for all sorts of liturgical celebrations, so keep it in mind,  Catholic ice cream lovers!  Divine Mercy Sundae, Ascension Sundae, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sundaes … I can do this all day. 🙂

Celebrating Holy Thursday

March 5, 2018


Each year, Jews around the world celebrate a festival called Passover where they remember their ancestors’ Exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery. For Christians, the Passover takes on added meaning as we recall not only the Israelites’ Exodus from slavery but also our freedom in Christ. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise—the Lamb of God who takes away our sins, and it was during His last celebration of the Passover meal (the Last Supper) that Jesus instituted the Eucharist.

We have detailed directions for celebrating the Last Supper with your family.  Click over here for a printable booklet,  available in both English and Spanish.  (Links are near the bottom of the page.)

And this is also a good time to remind you that we have almost 9 years of posts in our archives.  There are literally hundreds of suggestions for bring the Faith to your family life!  Use the “search” feature or the tags to search topic that may be of interest.

Monday Fun!

October 16, 2017

amerieault pic

The kids enjoy playing with their Mass set and peg dolls on our prayer table. They had fun literally seeing Mass come alive in a way! (set up along with real candles too!) so fun!  They colored, an older one cut, and [Mom] folded/taped while [Dad] read the lesson. Went so well!!

Francis Family at Mass

Thanks for the great Mass kit. [We were] inspired to find some great mass attendees 🙂 Learning made fun, we love FF!

We’re so glad to see you’re having fun with the Mass lessons!


The Church, young people and the role of parents

September 29, 2017

Bishop-Cozzens-Official-Portrait_300dpi.jpgYou may have already read this here, but Bishop Cozzens’ words carry way more weight than mine!  Read his version of a landmark study on the influence of Catholic parents on their children, conducted by Dr. Christian Smith and associates.

Here’s the short version:

Studies show that unless parents have created a Catholic culture in the home, the children will succumb to our society’s non-Christian way of seeing the world when they become adults. The parish, the school and the youth program are all helpful, but parental religious influence is the condition of possibility for other influences.

This is a great reminder, at the beginning of the year, that every single thing Family Formation does is intended to help you with the goal of bringing your children to an adult, life-long, rich relationship with Jesus and the Church He established.  Thanks for being with us this year, and we’re excited to help bring everyone in your family closer to Jesus!

You can read the full report here.

Lesson Notes: Virtues

May 30, 2017


This “lesson” is easy if you simply consider it to be a Summer Activity Packet, all on the theme of the cardinal virtues and the theological virtues.  Your assignment, parents, is to flip through it all to get an overview of what’s available.

It’ll be a little while, but at some point, the novelty of summer vacation will wear off and your kids will be looking for something to do, and that’s when you bring out this packet.  There are activities for indoors and out, rainy days, and car rides.  Things to do when your kids are alone, or in neighborhood-sized groups.  Become familiar with the choices, pull together any materials you might need and then be ready for the opportunities to keep growing in faith throughout the summer!

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