Leading With Beauty: The Sacrament of the Sick

Posted January 17, 2018 by Sue Klejeski
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This month’s topic is the Sacrament of the Sick, and while we no longer associate the reception of this sacrament only with imminent death, these two pieces, both entitled The Death of Saint Joseph, teach some profound truths about the sacrament.

This first one, by Giuseppe Maria Crespi, shows the Holy Family in their final tender moments together on earth. St. Joseph’s tools are laid down signifying that his work is finished, and his ever-present staff is still blossoming with three white lilies as a symbol of his purity.  Notice the heavenly realities as well: the background filled with angels ready to lead him into paradise.  I’d like to think that’s his own guardian angel nearby, wiping his brow.

On this one, Joseph’s lack of color is a striking contrast to the rest of the window, but look at the peaceful expression on his face!  The Blessed Mother is by his side as we always pray she will be for us (“now and at the hour of our death”).

In both of these works, we see Christ at the bedside, holding Joseph’s hand and imparting a blessing.  That is exactly what happens to those who receive the Sacrament of the Sick – you see the priest there, blessing and anointing, but it is really Jesus right there by your side, blessing, and anointing.  That is the wondrous thing about the Sacraments – they promise the grace you need at the moment you ask.  In this case, the special graces include strength, peace, courage, forgiveness of sins, and uniting the person with the suffering of Christ.

Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening

Posted January 14, 2018 by Sue Klejeski
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What does God want you to do?  Sometimes God directs you step by step and sometimes He’s asking you to wait and listen.  Father Mike Schmitz expands on the truth that God will never ask you to answer a question that He hasn’t asked you.  Based on what you already know, what direction has God already revealed to you?

Watch more in this short teaching:

Lesson Notes: The Call of Samuel

Posted January 13, 2018 by Sue Klejeski
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Call of Samuel

In our January classrooms, we learned about God’s vocational calls and we’re going to expand on that in the Home Lessons this month with some more specific ways these calls can happen.

First is a great Bible story you’ll want your kids to know.  The story of Samuel is that of a kid who audibly heard God’s voice.  What could be more dramatic than that!  In our opinion, the story inspires a dramatic presentation, so we’ve provided you with a set of scripts to act it out.  The way it’s written, we have parts for a narrator, Samuel, Eli, and God.  If you don’t have reading kids in your family yet, gather together some simple costumes and props and read it through while your kids act it out.  Do you have a teen?  Maybe this is a great time to invite him/her to play God.*

The Who Heard God’s Call section on pages 2 and 3 are a great chance for your kids to practice their Bible skills as they look up some of the story references, and be sure to spend some time with the last three questions as you talk about your pastor’s answer to God’s call, as well as your own and the call He makes to each of us.

And finally, God spoke audibly to Samuel, but what are some other ways He makes Himself heard?  There is a really helpful list in the Older Saints activity, which will provide a great jumping off point for family conversation.


*Cue little laugh from those of you who currently have a teen.

Have You Logged Your W.O.G. Today?

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A cold winter day is a great time to read a Bible story!


First Reconciliation Retreat

Posted January 10, 2018 by Sue Klejeski
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Thanks to all the kids and parents who were able to attend our First Reconciliation retreat last weekend!  Kids got a chance to try out the confessional, review the lessons, practice the steps of confession, pray with their parents, and more.


This is our second year offering this retreat and we’re hearing great things; mostly that nervous kids are now ready to go, and everyone feels just a little better prepared and more relaxed to experience the joy of the big event!

(It’s also a great time for parents to review all the steps and be ready to celebrate the sacrament for themselves!)

Discernment 101

Posted January 9, 2018 by Sue Klejeski
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You’ve probably heard the word, but what is actually involved in discerning your vocation?  Father Mike has some VERY practical advice for discerning a vocation one step at a time. When we discern with this kind of care and commitment, the path God desires for us should become clear.

Have You Seen This?

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Priest Asks “Alexa” Who Founded the Catholic Church & Gets Amazing Response In Viral Video

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