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Posted October 1, 2017 by Sue Klejeski
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rectors bowl

What says “autumn in Minnesota” better than an evening football game?  If you agree, you’ll want to bring your family to the annual Rector’s Bowl game between the St. John Vianney Seminary and the St. Paul Seminary.  It was like going to a St. Paul Saints game only with Vatican flags and lots of priests on the sidelines. And they opened with the Lord’s Prayer. Good Catholic fun!

  • Saturday, October 7 at the University of St. Thomas
  • Free admission and very family friendly.
  • Facebook event page here

Read a little about the history of the event here.

Rector's Bowl 2007

SPSSOD seminarian Allan Paul Eilen dressed as Moses during the 2007 Rectors’ Bowl. (Photo by Mike Ekern ’02)

The Church, young people and the role of parents

Posted September 29, 2017 by Sue Klejeski
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Bishop-Cozzens-Official-Portrait_300dpi.jpgYou may have already read this here, but Bishop Cozzens’ words carry way more weight than mine!  Read his version of a landmark study on the influence of Catholic parents on their children, conducted by Dr. Christian Smith and associates.

Here’s the short version:

Studies show that unless parents have created a Catholic culture in the home, the children will succumb to our society’s non-Christian way of seeing the world when they become adults. The parish, the school and the youth program are all helpful, but parental religious influence is the condition of possibility for other influences.

This is a great reminder, at the beginning of the year, that every single thing Family Formation does is intended to help you with the goal of bringing your children to an adult, life-long, rich relationship with Jesus and the Church He established.  Thanks for being with us this year, and we’re excited to help bring everyone in your family closer to Jesus!

You can read the full report here.

Partners in the Gospel

Posted September 26, 2017 by Sue Klejeski
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Partners in the Gospel

We’re always excited to see the creative ways people find to spread the Gospel, and one of the best things about the internet is all the great Catholic stuff you can find with a simple search.

Every now and then something comes to our attention that fits really well with what we do, and we’re glad to share it with you.  They’ll be tagged with this icon and with “Partners in the Gospel” in the word cloud on our blog sidebar.

Today’s comes from the Merchant Adventurers Etsy Shop where you will find all sorts of amazing costumes, just in time for All Saints Day and Nativity play! Katy sent us this wimple and veil – a perfect start for lots of nun Saints, and a boy’s black cape, just right for Saint Dominic or your favorite Jesuit.


Not only are her designs really creative but, as a seamstress, I give her two thumbs up for the comfortable fabric and sturdy construction that will lend themselves to hours of creative play!


On October 7, we will hold a drawing for the pieces she sent for this review. Any Church of Saint Paul Family Formation family who attends the classroom session in October is eligible to win.  In the meantime, go to her shop with your kids and find some awesome All Saints costumes!

Highlight Printing

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Today’s lunch courtesy of the amazing team at Highlight Printing and Full Frontal BBQ! Sometime, ask us the story of how God connected us with Lisa. And you can also ask us about their stellar customer service.

Friday Funnies

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Real life or satire?

I’ll bet there are 20+ years of Family Formation families who can relate to this piece from the Babylon Bee.

Grown Man Still Quietly Hums ‘Books Of The Bible’ Song To Find Anything In Old Testament



Leading with beauty

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Family Formation

Art for October Prayer Centers

Postmodern man might scoff at truth and goodness, but he’s still enthralled by beauty, says prominent theologian and evangelist Father Robert Barron.  Beauty, then, is the arrowhead of evangelization, the point with which the evangelist pierces the minds and hearts of those he evangelizes.  “Lead with beauty,” Barron said to an audience of Catholic journalists and communications professionals gathered in Denver for the 2013 Catholic Media Conference.

The post title comes from a talk given by Fr. Robert Barron.  You can read a summary of the concept of leading by beauty in this article (also quoted above).  I use it here because in many cases the prayer table in your classroom is the point with the greatest potential for beauty.  In the midst of classrooms built for function, whose use for Family Formation is temporary, your prayer table is a creative expression of beauty that…

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“It’s about healthy families”

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“It’s not just about the faith, but also about having ‘healthy’ families who spend quality time together on topics that matter for their lives and their happiness.”



We’re glad to have Saint Cecilia’s back with us again this year and we encourage you to read this article from The Catholic Globe about how Family Formation works at their parish.

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