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Summer adventures in the Faith!

June 13, 2018

Have you been following Flat Father Jim’s summer adventures?  At our May Family Formation meeting, we had supplies for all the kids to color and laminate their own Flat Father along with this challenge:

Bring your faith along on all your summer activities!

Vacation, swimming lessons, road trips, weekends at the cabin, day trips, summer weddings, family visits, camping, soccer games, rainy days at home, Mass at other parishes, summer school, picnics  … the list is endless!

Whatever you do this summer, take Flat Father Jim along as a reminder to bring your faith with you!

Take photos and post them to Instagram, twitter, or Facebook with the #WeGetToGoToMass or email to and we’ll post for you.

Well, the photos have been coming in and we’d like to share a few with you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’d like to follow the fun, look for the hashtag #WeGetToGoToMass on Instagram and Facebook, and if you’d like to join in you can download your own Flat Father Jim to print.


5 Ways to Have a Super Catholic Summer

May 30, 2018

Do a little planning and have a faith-filled summer for your whole family!  This article from EpicPew fits in well with the summer fun we have going on over here.

bucket list


May 28, 2018

It’s so good to be Catholic!  We always have reason to celebrate the love of Christ, and a great way to express that love is through the feasts that are part of the Church calendar.

We are almost always in favor of dessert and can personally attest to the value of food-related celebrations.  (Your kids will remember these lessons forever!)  Check out this post from Catholic Cuisine and make plans for some future tasty lessons!

trinity sundaes

Trinity Sundaes, anyone?

And the winner is …

May 23, 2018

COSP parents, if you read to the end of my May announcements email you may have seen this:


A number of you did reply and we have a winner!  Julie Dietz, you can expect your box of Fun Stuff to arrive soon.

Thanks to everyone who has read any of the announcements at any point in the past year.  Putting them in print allows us to use our time together in a better way and it also gives me a forum for connecting you with other great resources in the parish and the diocese (and beyond) that may be of interest to your family.  Email gives you access to them throughout the month rather than requiring you to take notes while I would be giving details, and it’s just easier to follow links anyway.

So, win/win/win and thanks again!


Spotted on Saturday …

May 22, 2018

This is newly ordained Deacon Joseph Gifford giving a blessing to Sister Maddie Shogren.  Both are former Family Formation kids from our parish and we’re so proud of both of their generous “yesses” to Jesus, we just had to share the moment!

first blessings.jpg

If you’d like to learn more about diocesan vocations or Pro Ecclesia Sancta, follow the links.

From one of our out-of-state parishes –

April 9, 2018

today's mail“Our families loved going to Adoration together on Wednesday!  Most of our parents had never gone to Adoration before—so this was a new experience for many.   We are going to do more of this for sure!”

Lesson Notes: Easter Activity Packet

March 27, 2018

We’re posting this early so you have a little time to plan.

Easter Activities

Christmas and Easter are the two times of the year where it’s still mostly acceptable to be “religious,” so go for it!  If your extended family is getting together, consider it a perfect opportunity for your darling children to share what they’re learning about Jesus with Grandma or Uncle Tim, or whoever’s there with you.  The Easter Activity Packet gives you lots of ways to make sure Jesus is invited to your family dinner.  Make a banner for your hostess, create a lamb-shaped batch of dinner rolls, bring Easter eggs decorated with something besides bunnies or share your Alleluia’s as you arrive!

Christ is risen!  Let’s make sure everyone knows it.

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