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Saint Paul, Pray for Us!

August 4, 2017

Next week is our parish Vacation Bible School where 600+ people will all be learning and teaching about the life of Saint Paul, and I can’t help but reflect just a little about how he never imagined the places the Lord would take him and how completely he learned to rely on grace.

Family Formation had a moment like that this morning when Deb said “yes” to an opportunity to be interviewed on local Relevant Radio.  The program is the inaugural episode of the Rediscover series featuring Great Catholic Parishes here in the Twin Cities and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share the blessings our parish has experienced through Family Formation with a wider audience!

Thanks to Molly, Jessica, and Father Wagner for also sharing, and to Crystal Crocker for inviting us.

You can listen to the archived recording here.

Welcome, Relevant Radio Listeners!

August 4, 2017

Welcome Relevant Radio

And thank you for listening.

Family Formation is a truly innovative K-6th grade Catholic religious education program used by parishes and families across the US and Canada.

Based on the principle that “Parents are the primary educators in the Faith” [General Directory for Catechesis (GDC) 255], Family Formation revolves around weekly family gatherings and home lessons. This shared learning experience spills over into the family’s everyday life.

If you would like to learn more about this method of family catechesis, proven over the last 29 years to transform families and parishes, we suggest you start here:

Be sure to listen!

August 4, 2017

Family Formation is going to be featured on Relevant Radio (AM 1330) this morning at 9:00.  If you can’t get it on the radio, tune in to stream it online.


“Alexa, ask Saint Quotes to inspire me.”

August 1, 2017

I’m equally creeped out and impressed by the possibilities of this.


First of all, what is this thing?

Echo is a line of smart speakers/home accessories from Amazon. The line includes the original Amazon Echo and the Echos Dot, Tap, Look, and Show. All Echo devices (and many some devices from other manufacturers) include Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-powered voice service, which can do all sorts of things like play music, add items to todo lists, and control the bits and pieces of smart home systems like dimming light bulbs and adjusting thermostats. Anybody can make “skills” for Alexa which enable it to do more things.

If you have an Amazon Echo use it to help you live your Catholic faith!  This article lists 7 Alexa Skills you can activate to help you do so:

  1. Saint Quotes (Inspirational quotes whenever you need one!)
  2. Prayer Buddy (Need someone to lead your rosary?)
  3. Saint of the Day (Look up today’s saint or any patron.)
  4. Mass readings (Daily readings from the lectionary.)
  5. Catholic Facts (Lots of random stuff that you probably want to know)
  6. A different format for Saint of the Day (Short biography of the day’s saint)
  7. Catholic news from EWTN (Audio from EWTN News Nightly added to your morning briefing.)

Plus it will play the best of Catholic Radio for you!


We couldn’t agree more

August 1, 2017
Excerpts from last week’s Catholic Spirit article by Father Michael VanSloan – Click over to read the whole article.

“Make it your constant care to bring your child up in the practice of the faith.”


To raise one’s child in the Catholic faith may be a responsibility, duty or obligation, but it really is a privilege, joy, and honor. Our faith is our single greatest treasure, and to pass on the gift of faith is the greatest gift parents could ever give their child.


The parents are the leaders of the house church, the basic unit, and foundation of the Church, and their full, active and conscious practice of their faith is an ongoing lesson on how to be a dynamic Catholic. The child learns the faith through assimilation. Because the parents love God, the child learns to love God. Because the parents pray each day, the child learns to pray. Because the parents go to Mass each Sunday, the child learns the importance of going to Mass, the value of communal liturgical prayer and how to behave in church. And because the parents practice the virtues in their daily living, the child learns how to live a Christian lifestyle.

Parents teach their children to pray. This should not begin in second grade as part of their preparation for the sacraments, but as the child learns how to talk. When a child learns to say mommy and daddy, colors and numbers, it is time to learn the Sign of the Cross and meal prayers. When a child is old enough to converse with mom and dad, the child is old enough to say morning and night prayers, and when a child is old enough to memorize a home address or telephone number, the child is old enough to memorize the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

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Rediscover: Family Catechesis

July 31, 2017


This Friday the Rediscover: Hour begins their First Friday of the month series featuring Great Catholic Parishes here in the Twin Cities, and we are delighted to announce that their kick-off will feature Family Formation here at the Church of Saint Paul!  Listeners will hear the basics of how it works in our parish, in other parishes, in family life, and how to bring this proven method of family catechesis to their own parish.

Click over to their page to learn more about the series, more about this particular broadcast, and (eventually) to listen to the archived version.

Hear the Rediscover: Hour Fridays at 9:00 a.m., Saturdays at 6:00 p.m., and Sundays at 9:00 a.m. on Relevant Radio 1330 AM.

Contemplating His face

July 13, 2017

sentinels of the dawn

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