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April Cate-Quizm Challenge

April 16, 2013

You’ve made it to the last Challenge card and I hope it’s been a fruitful study for you!  The goal of this little exercise was to encourage you to get more familiar with the Catholic Faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and now that you’ve had a little taste of it, we really hope you’ll continue reading on your own.  Remember, those Year of Faith graces are still flowing through the celebration of Christ the King on November 24, 2013.  You still have LOTS of time to cooperate with them!

If you’ve misplaced your last quiz, print another April Card here and be sure to bring it to your last Family Formation meeting of the year.  Thanks again for all your feedback on this Challenge and for your enthusiastic participation!

March Cate-Quizm Challenge

March 5, 2013

We’re getting close to Easter and all our efforts at prayer, fasting, almsgiving and growth in holiness are having an effect!  I hope spending time with the Catechism is part of that growth, especially this month as you read about the great gift of the Church.  If you’ve misplaced the quiz card you picked up at your last Family Formation meeting, you can print the March Card here.

February Cate-Quizm Challenge

February 19, 2013

This month’s reading is all about the Holy Spirit – a great topic as we move into Lent!  If you’ve misplaced your February Card, print a new one to complete and bring to your next Family Formation meeting at church.

Come Holy Spirit!  Reveal Christ to us in an ever greater way through our Lenten devotions.  Change our hearts during these 40 days that we may be better prepared for the joys of Easter!

Holy Hour dedicated to Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty

January 18, 2013

All are invited to participate with the archdiocese and the nation to pray a Holy Hour dedicated to Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty led by Archbishop John Nienstedt from 3 to 4 p.m. Jan. 20 at the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Year of FaithIn this Year of Faith, the Catholic bishops of the United States have called for a nationwide effort to advance a movement for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty through prayer, penance, and sacrifice.

A time of family prayer, a field trip to the most beautiful building in Minnesota, and the perfect activity for your Sanctity of Life Home Lesson?  C’mon, you know you want to!

Read more in the Catholic Spirit.

January Cate-Quizm Challenge

January 15, 2013

It’s January, and this month’s Cate-Quizm Challenge has you reading about heaven!  It’s a great topic any time, but the cold, snowy months are an especially nice time to stay in and read.  If you’ve misplace your quiz, you can print a new January Card  to bring to your next Family Formation time at church.

Making a list, checking it twice

January 9, 2013

Year of FaithNow that the busy Christmas season is almost over, I’m secretly glad to get back to a life ruled by routine and order.  Part of that is getting back on track with my Year of Faith resolutions.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here, because today I read someone else’s blog post about a bucket list* of things to do for the Year of Faith.  I took the original list of 33 great ideas and shamelessly copied it edited to make it more applicable to parishioners at the Church of Saint Paul.  Click the link below to see my list, and by all means shamelessly copy edit to fit your needs.

year of faith bucket list

*According to the Urban Dictionary: A list of things to do before you die.  Comes from the term “kicked the bucket.”

Thanks to Deacon Greg Kandra for the link and to St. Cecilia’s in Cincinnati for the original list.

December Cate-Quizm Challenge cards

December 11, 2012

If you’ve misplaced your December Challenge, be sure to follow this link to print another December Card before you come to Family Formation.   We’ll be buying a steamy mug of peppermint cocoa* for the lucky winners!

*Actually, you can choose whatever you want with your Caribou Coffee gift card, but c’mon, it’s almost Christmas!  What else could you possibly want to drink?

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